Director Vicky Ranawat Has Give Me A Dream Role  in HASEENA – INAYATT SHARMA

HASEENA is the latest film which Vicky Ranawat has directed and the film is betting ready for an early release. The film’s heroine is Inayatt Sharma who has excelled herself in the glamour department has given an excellent performance. Those who have watched the rush print of the film are already predicting her future to be very bright as a glamour doll who is the need of the hour. Inayatt feels that HASEENA is indeed the film which has already shaped her future as she has received more than dozen offers to act in Bollywood as well as South films even before the release of this film.  Excerpts.

HASEENA has come to you as a blessing.  Comments.

After acting in my first film  CHINAR-DASTAAN-E-ISHQ , I took a break for nearly two years and waited for the right script to come to me. Several film offers did come to me but I was not so eager to act in these films until I got a call from Vicky Ranawat. When I went to meet him, he immediately asked me whether  I will do this role of HASEENA. I asked him about the subject and he just told me:” “Teen Ladke aapar  marte hain aur aap unko bewaqoof banate ho. ” I did get the script for a reading and I agreed to act in this film. I was treated very well by everyone in the unit. I got lots of options for my costumes and Vicky told me that I should look glamorous like Mumtaz and Zeenat Aman and I just followed his advice. Right from the styling of my hair, to the costumes, to the work shop, etc. I took Vicky Sir’s guidance and he went out of his way to help me achieve the character of Haseena. Mark my words, this kind of a break can be got by only few heroines who are indeed very lucky and I feel blessed. I will never be able to forget this film and also director Vicky Ranawat who has changed me completely from a sober heroine in my first film to the most glamorous heroine in my second film itself.

How was the experience while shooting the scenes with the three heroes of  HASEENA ? 

The mood of the film is exactly like that of  MASTI,FUKREY,CHASHME BUDDOOR and PYAR KA PANCHNAMA. So you can understand how these three boys Mohit Arora,Ankur Verma and Arpit Soni are fooled by me on the bed when they come to make love with me. The scenes have been shot very aesthetically and without any trace of vulgarity. I must add here that all the three heroes Mohit Arora,Arpit Soni and Ankur Verma have acted brilliantly and I still remember the first day’s shoot of HASEENA when I took part in those intimate scenes with all the three heroes. The entire shooting was  done with utmost dedication whether it be Future Studios, Goa or Udaipur, all the 30 days we were focussed in giving our very best. Seeing our work, Vicky Sir has already given all the four actors his next film too and this time, the script is again written , keeping the youth in mind. Vicky Sir told me that I can easily give hangover to all the male audiences once HASEENA gets released and this hangover will never go from the minds of the males.

How much confident are you now after working in HASEENA ?

I hope every director who will now direct me shower the same kind of affection shown by Vicky Ranawat ji and also guide me like he has done .  After the pack up every day, Vicky jee used to discuss everything in detail for the next day’s preparation and he would do everything  for the betterment of the film .  I wish that in all my future films I will continue to act in all kinds of films wherever I can get good scope to prove my talent. After all, an actor can only be focussed in his or her role and everything depends on how the director is shaping the character.

How much credit will you give hard work, luck and destiny ?

It is sheer destiny that I bagged the role of HASEENA and a God sent director like Vicky jee who is an extremely fine human being too. He treated me like a good friend and never like a heroine. I also think I am lucky to get such a good unit and our prayers have been answered and we all hope HASEENA will be appreciated by the audiences as the film is full of entertainment and also a very good musical score. I have three songs picturised on me which I feel is another bonus points for me. I am a God-fearing person and only God can shape our destiny. But hard work has to be done first and as an actor, I can only work very hard to prove my talent but it is upto the paying audiences who enter the cinema hall and pass their verdict on the film as a whole and that will be the real test for the film HASEENA.But the youth audiences will surely lap up this film and they may even repeat it to watch all those mastiful scenes in HASEENA.

Sneha Ullal coming back with Ishq Waali Baarish

Sneha Ullal coming back with ‘Ishq Waali Baarish’. Salman Khan’s heroine in ‘Lucky’ Sneha Ullal is coming back with a romantic music video ‘Ishq waali Baarish’, which is being produced by Arshiya Khan and Mohd. Javed . Sneha is quite excited about this music video, which features her with Qaiz Khan who is Mumbai based model and was last seen in music video Naina laage by famous singer Amanat ali. Qaiz has recently completed his acting academy by Kishore Namit acting institute and now will be seen in a  romantic song sung and composed by Altaf Sayyed. ‘Ishq Waali Baarish’ . Song will be released in mid September and Producers Arshiya Khan and Mohd. Javed are confident that it will create a craze among music lovers.


Actress-Model Sana Khan Releases Album Love Ka Tonic

मॉडल – एक्‍ट्रेस सना खान ने रिलीज किया अलबम ‘लव का टॉनिक’

मॉडल – एक्‍ट्रेस सना खान इन दिनों अपनी नई म्‍यूजिक अलबम ‘लव का टॉनिक’  को लेकर चर्चा में हैं। अभी हाल ही में उन्‍होंने अपनी इस अलबम को मुंबई के हार्ड रॉक कैफे में रिलीज किया है। अलबम रिलीज के मौके कई जानीमानी हस्तियां शामिल हुए। इस मौके पर अभिनेत्री संगीता तिवारी ने अलबम ‘लव का टॉनिक’  के जरिए अपने करियर का आगाज करने वाली अदाकारा कयानत खान को ढेरों बधाई दी और उनके परफॉर्मेंस की तारीफ भी की।

इससे पहले अलबम ‘लव का टॉनिक’  के बारे में बात करते हुए सना खान  ने कहा कि ‘लव एक ऐसा डिजिज है, जो आम दवाओं से ठीक नहीं होती, मगर ऐसे मामले में लव का टॉनिक ही असरदार होता है. इसलिए हम ‘लव का टॉनिक’  अलबम लेकर आ रहे हैं, जो यकीनन इश्‍कबाजों को सुकून देगी। प्‍यार में दर्द आम बात है, तभी तो यह एक खूबसूरत एहसास है। हम इस एहसास को और भी खास बनाने के लिए ‘लव का टॉनिक’  अलबम लेकर आये हैं। उम्‍मीद है लोगों को ये पसंद आयेगा। बता दें कि ‘लव का टॉनिक’ गाने को ऋतु पाठक ने अपनी सुरीली आवाज दी है और गीत अमिताभ रंजन ने लिखा है। संगीत शिवम बागची का है। गाने को फेमस म्‍यूजिक कंपनी टी-सीरीज ने रिकॉर्ड और रिलीज किया है।


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शुभी शर्मा के घर पधारे बप्पा

भोजपुरी फिल्मो की ड्रीम गर्ल कही जाने वाली अभिनेत्री शुभी शर्मा ने अपने घर बप्पा को स्थापित कर पूजा अर्चना की ।

पिछले साल नए घर खरीदने के बाद उन्होंने पहली बार अपने घर बप्पा को स्थापित किया था । उन्होंने बताया कि  पिछले साल से शुरू हुआ यह सिलसिला अब हर साल जारी रहेगा ।  ———Uday Bhagat (PRO)



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अंजना सिंह ने की गणपति बप्पा की  स्थापना

भोजपुरी फिल्मो की हॉट केक कही जाने वाली अभिनेत्री अंजना सिंह ने हर साल की तरह इस साल भी अपने घर मे गणपति बप्पा की पूजा अर्चना की ।

उल्लेखनीय है कि फ़िल्म जगत में आगमन वाले साल से ही अंजना सिंह ने अपने घर मे बप्पा को स्थापित करना शुरू कर दिया था और यह सिलसिला लगातार छठवें साल भी जारी है ।  ———Uday Bhagat (PRO)

Actress Sangeeta Tiwari  Celebrates Her Birthday With  Friends And Celebrities In Mumbai

रवि किशन ने संगीता तिवारी को जन्‍मदिन की बधाईया दी

भोजपुरी इंडस्‍ट्री की खूबसूरत अभिनेत्री संगीता तिवारी का मुंबई में जन्‍मदिन जन्मदिन धूम धाम से मनाया गया ! संगीता के जन्‍मदिन के अवसर पर मुंबई में एक भव्‍य पार्टी का आयोजन भी किया गया, जिसमें भोजपुरी समेत बॉलीवुड के कई जानेमाने लोग शामिल हुए। इस दौरान सबों ने संगीता को जन्‍मदिन की बधाई दी और खूब धमाल मचाया। भोजपुरी सुपर स्टार रवि किशन पार्टी में शामिल न होने पर वीडियो कालिंग से संगीता को फ़ोन पर जन्‍मदिन बधाईया दी !

बता दें कि संगीता तिवारी ने अब तक भोजपुरी सिनेमा इंडस्‍ट्री में सिंगर व अभिनेता मनोज तिवारी, मेगा स्‍टार रवि किशन और दिनेश लाल यादव निरहुआ जैसे स्‍टार कलाकारों के साथ काम कर चुकी है, जिसे लोगों ने खूब पसंद भी किया। संगीता को बपचन से ही डांस, सिनेमा और मैगजीन पढ़ने का शौक था, जिसने उन्‍हें एक सशक्‍त अदाकारा बनाया। उन्‍होंने ग्रेजुएशन के बाद बतौर एक्‍सपर्ट टीचर बच्‍चों को कत्‍थक नृत्‍य सिखाया।

संगीता मल्‍टी लैंगुवल अभिनेत्री हैं, इसलिए उनके पास तेलगू, गुजराती, मराठी, राज्‍स्‍थानी के अलावा हिंदी व भोजपुरी फिल्‍मों में भी काम किया। सलमान खान और माधुरी दिक्षित को एडमायर करने वाली इस खूबसूरत अदाकार ने अपने अभिनय और मेहनत से लोगों के दिलों पर छाप छोड़ा है। यही वजह है कि अब वे भोजपुरी के बाद हिंदी फिल्मो में भी नजर आ चुकी हैं। संगीता की जल्द ही रवि किशन के साथ फिल्म ”हर हर महादेव” रिलीज़ होने वाली है ! संगीता के निजी प्रचारक संजय भूषण पटियाला ने बताया की संगीता जल्द ही एक और बड़ी बजट की हिंदी फिल्म में नजर आएगी !

Treasure of Talents Tania Ghose Not the Sky, Space is the limit for her            

Kolkata City is a treasure of talents which has produced umpteen artiste in various field like singing, music, dance and acting and Tania Ghose is the present exemplification. A charming vivacious, glamorous and beautiful, sophisticated personality with attractive figure and good height.

Tania’s work experience includes all type of print shoots, stage performances, ramp shows and anchoring. Likewise, she has acted in one of the episode of Saavdhan India titled ‘Mein Khubsoorat Hoon’ and has  done an upcoming TV serial for the banner ‘Big Magic’.

On film front, Tania has acted for a Hindi feature film The Island in a character role and the other one Fight The Crime Babli, as a second lead. Both the movies are slated for early  release. Language is no bar for her. Her main ambition is to act, act and act in films, preferably Hindi movies.


Tania was prone towards acting and modeling since her childhood days and was a part and parcel  in school-college plays in Kolkata.  Moreover, she actively performed on stage in the above mentioned city, where Tania had her dance troupe also.

Almost a decade is over, Tania resides in Mumbai where she initially completed engineering and journalism course. Moreover, one of her play made under the banner ‘AKvarious Production’ is also going to open its curtain for the first time  on 30th September this year.


Tania is fond of dark movies, but is open to do any kind of roles, no matter vamp, serious, negative positive or else. Tania is looking for a good scope and like to do good work with good  people and remarkable characters.

Presently, Tania’s talk are going with some top banners to  play the romantic lead. Tania is comfortable doing action sequences, stunts and item numbers and love to travel all over the world.

For any details regarding work or information one may contact her at

Shraddha Das Actress

She contact be on 9820148685(Manager Girdhar Swami) number .for commercial adds films,feature films and print shoot..

Name-Shraddha Das




m_shradha-das-10 m_shradha-das-7m_shradha-das-6m_shradha-das-4

m_shradha-das-2 m_shradha-das-3


Year Film Role Language Other notes
2008 Siddu from Sikakulam Nisha Telugu
2009 Target Telugu
18, 20 Love Story Bharathi Telugu
Diary Maya Telugu
Adhineta Rajeshwari Telugu
Arya 2 Shanti Telugu
2010 Lahore Ida Hindi
Maro Charitra Sandhya Telugu
Darling Nisha Telugu
Nagavalli Geeta Telugu
2011 Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Gungun Sarkar Hindi
Mugguru Shalini Telugu
Mogudu Jo Telugu
2012 Hosa Prema Purana Sanjana Kannada
2013 Dracula 2012 Taara Malayalam
2014 The Royal Bengal Tiger Nandini Bengali
Lucky Kabootar Kammo Hindi
Zid Priya Hindi
2015 Chai Shai Biscuits Vartika Hindi Filming
Rey Jenna Telugu
Bandipotu Telugu Special appearance
Aata Telugu Filming
Ouija Maya Kannada Filming
Haunting of Bombay Mills Hindi Filming
2016 Sanam Teri Kasam Ruby Hindi Cameo
Dictator Telugu Special Song
Badsha: The Don Priya Bengali
Great Grand Masti Nisha Hindi Released
Guntur Talkies Telugu