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Enroute to make it big – REKHA GOENKA SHAH – Image Consultant & Fashion Designer

Enroute to make it big – REKHA GOENKA SHAH – Image Consultant & Fashion Designer

In the glittering world of fashion designing, a freshener, who has entered with brain wave,  making a way to vanquish in the said field is none than Rekha Goenka Shah. A young, intellectual, ambitious, creative and hardworking fashion designer, who owns two floral boutiques, since last 10 years and have now veer towards fashion designing business with a determination to make it big.

The enterprising lady has opened fashion designing garment company called ‘R S Couture’ which is designing clothes for one and all, known as FABLII- Women’s wear, FABLII GOLD-BRIDAL (collections of men and women’s wear).Afore making an entry into the fashion designing industry, Rekha has studied a lot about the field and has done ample of ground work and then forayed in the same. She has been certified in personal councelling and image consultancy and have studied from two of the best institutions of India and Singapore.


‘Today there is  a lot of competition as number of top names of fashion world are your ruling entertainment and fashion world, so how will you take it forward? Competition is in every field, whether respective is an enterpreneur or an established name. Everybody is doing a great job ,but as far as my question is concerned, I  have come with a notion to create something unique and extra-ordinary Rekha informed’. Compared to other designers, Rekha has plus point of being an  image consultant, which is a very important factor for a  dress designer. When one is designing a dress for a person, and if he/she is an image consultant, respective possess knowledge to comprehend customers personality and according to he/she’s skin colour and postures, a costume is designed to make one stunning.

Besides business class, Rekha’s is also doing dress designing for  Bollywood,  Television world and model industry. At present, a serial Meri Durga (Star Plus) which is on air has designed costumes by her company R S Courture.  It stars Vicky Ahuja, Ananya Agarwal as Durga supported by Rakhi Tandon, Rajiv Khanna, Amardeep Jha, Sanjay Kaushik and Ramansh Bundela, a role model of R S Courture and nephew of actor-director Raja Bundela.

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